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Experience a world of great tasting food

With a host of mouth-watering Quorn® meal ideas to try, you can discover a new world of exciting flavours and uncover interesting ways to spice up your favourite recipes too. Our recipes will give you everything you need to make great tasting meals in no time.


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Delicious food at your fingertips with these fantastic Quorn meal ideas. Why not try our Kebabish nuggets dressed with a cool...

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Get ready to fire up the barby and start grilling with these unbeatable Quorn barbecue recipes. Go for a homemade burger recipe...

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Pasta and delicious tasting Quorn Mince or Pieces is a marriage made in heaven. Our selection of Italian recipes are...

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We are always ready to help

Can you reheat Quorn?
Quorn is perfectly safe to reheat, so long as it has been kept nice and cool in the fridge and is eaten within 48 hours. Please ensure that the food is piping hot throughout before serving and remember, don’t reheat more than once.
How do I cook Quorn?
Recommended cooking instructions for all Quorn products can be found on the reverse of each pack and on the product page. For best results, we'd recommend that you follow these tried and tested instructions. If you choose to cook Quorn a different way then please make sure it is piping hot all the way through before enjoying. If you’re looking for some tasty meal inspiration then why not try one of our recipes.
What is mycoprotein?
Mycoprotein is used as an ingredient in all Quorn products. It is made from a natural, nutritious fungus, and is high in protein, high in fibre, low in saturated fat, and contains no cholesterol. Producing mycoprotein requires 90% less land, water and carbon emissions than producing animal proteins, so it's also good for the health of our planet. Find out more here.
Does Quorn have a vegan range?
We have a range of Quorn vegan products which are clearly marked on our product page.