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Quorn Meat Free Pieces & Leek Pie

The famous meat free Pieces and leek pie, Quorn style. It's hearty, wholesome and a sure-fire hit with all the family.

A bag of Quorn Pieces showing the prepared product and information on an orange and charcoal background.

Made with Quorn Meat Free Pieces

High in Protein

Gluten Free

Low in Saturated Fat


  • 300g Quorn Meat Free Pieces
  • Pastry:
  • 150g plain flour, extra for dusting
  • 1/4 tsp mustard powder
  • 50g butter, diced
  • 75g Wensleydale cheese, grated
  • 5-6 tbsp chilled water
  • Filling:
  • 40g butter
  • 1 tsp vegetable oil
  • 2 medium leeks, sliced
  • 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • 25g plain flour
  • 1/2 tsp mustard powder
  • 1 vegetable stock cube, dissolved in 100ml water
  • 200ml semi-skimmed milk, plus extra for glazing 


  1. Preheat the oven 200°C/Gas mark 5. For a fan assisted oven reduce the temperature to 180°C
  2. For the pastry, mix the flour and mustard powder together. Rub in the butter until the mixture resembles fine bread crumbs. Add the grated cheese and stir through
  3. Gradually add sufficient water to form a firm dough. Cover with cling film and chill for 30 minutes
  4. For the filling, melt the butter and oil in a large saucepan. Add the leeks and cook for 5 minutes over a medium heat until softened but not coloured. Stir in the garlic and Quorn Pieces and continue to cook for 2 minutes
  5. Stir in the flour and mustard powder and cook for 1 minute. Gradually add the stock and milk stirring until the sauce thickens. Season to taste. Spoon the Quorn mixture into a pie dish. Cover with cling film and cool
  6. Roll out the pastry on a lightly floured surface and use to cover the top of the pie dish. Brush the pastry with a little milk to glaze
  7. Bake for 25 minutes until the top is golden brown

Serve with seasonal vegetables and new potatoes if liked

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