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Securing a Sustainable Future: Exploring the Eco-licious Collaboration Between Quorn and elemen

The world today faces two fairly interconnected challenges. Firstly, the health of human beings. Secondly, the health of the planet. Instead of letting pleas from the United Nation- among other organisations- fall on deaf ears, elemen’s chef Andy Kueh and Quorn’s head chef, Marc Wee joined forces.

The two chefs have combined to raise awareness about sustainable ways of living. Giving a wider platform to sustainable foods so that more people can enjoy these flavourful, healthy and ultimately planet saving dishes. It’s collaborations like these that will inform better food choices and as a result, save a planet that is required to sustain us for years to come.

About elemen: a partnership made in meat-free heaven

According to Chef Andy, this ‘eco-licious’ collaboration has been years in the making. Born from Andy’s love of Quorn products, this collaboration kicked off when chef Marc joined Quorn.

“We were approached by Chef Andy who wanted to work with us to showcase how versatile Quorn can be. It was a seamless collaboration…” remarked chef Marc.

Thanks to the versatility of Quorn products and the skill of Andy and his team at elemen, dishes featuring Quorn products were created and later placed on the menu without feeling out of place.

The story of elemen

elemen is a restaurant dedicated to building the well-being of diners through natural and healthy recipes. Since its inception in June 2015, the dining concept has revolved around whipping up wholesome meatless dishes.

As the executive chef and general manager of elemen, Andy is able to bring his passion for sustainable living and eating to work everyday. The dining concept is a modern interpretation of natural and meatless cuisine.

Each dish is the result of countless hours of research and development, trial and error and experimentation with different ingredients. Every single dish served at elemen aims to enlighten more consumers that meatless dishes can be unique and delicious, as well as beneficial for the earth and the future.

Andy explains that elemen recipes “call for the use of healthy, nourishing ingredients and superfoods sourced from different countries.”

With the brand motto ‘Love Self, Love Earth’ elemen is a perfect partner for Quorn. Eating sustainably benefits your health and the health of the planet. True sustainable eating is about eating healthy, natural food without compromising the sustainability of the planet.

Quorn and elemen: committing to a meat-less future

While the world may be facing a health and sustainability crisis, a dire outcome isn’t inevitable. In fact, the United Nations has identified key ways that countries and their citizens can actively contribute to solving the sustainability crisis.

With 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions coming from the livestock supply chain, cutting down on meat consumption is the single biggest change individuals can make to address climate change.

One of the reasons for the Quorn and elemen collaboration centred around making the transition to meat free foods, enjoyable, healthy and tasty. This way, a smaller footprint will exist for each plate we eat.

Along with each team member ensuring that “food wastage is minimised”, Andy also says that “elemen is constantly spreading the benefits of going meatless in this current century… encouraging the adoption of a meatless diet as Earth’s condition is worsening.”

Utilising fungi, along with the fermentation process, Quorn has changed the sustainability game with Quorn's mycoprotein. With the greenhouse gas emissions of Quorn's mycoprotein proven to be 90% lower than beef, Andy recognises that mushrooms are the key ingredient for future change.

“Mushrooms have texture which are almost similar to meat and in the meatless/vegetarian scene, mushrooms are a healthy alternative protein instead of meat.” Andy says.

Chef’s choice: meat-free meals

With countless dine in restaurants and take away businesses across Singapore offering vegan and vegetarian dishes, it seems that more people are starting to embrace the idea of eating sustainably for their own health and for the health of the planet.

However, there are also people who believe meat-free meals to be tasteless and worst of all, rubbery. Both Marc and Andy are adamant that meat-free meals can offer the same heartiness and taste as their meat counterparts. It’s just about choosing the right dish.

For Marc, fried rice featuring chopped up Southern Fried Burger from Quorn is a real “hearty and comforting dish.” Andy’s favourite dish is “Truffle Mushroom Gratin served with Quorn pieces.” Above all else, both chefs urge individuals to experiment with flavour combinations.

Securing the future of the planet: one plate at a time

As the world comes to terms with the climate crisis, more people will look for sustainable ways to both live and eat. This collaborative and eco conscious partnership between Quorn and elemen will serve to reach a wider audience. Resulting in even more people embracing meat-free dishes with open arms.

However, as both Quorn and elemen realise, people will be more inclined to opt for meat-free meals when they taste and look good. Thanks to the combination of Quorn’s mycoprotein and elemen’s creative recipes, meat-free meals never tasted so good.

For good food that benefits your health and the health of the planet, dine at elemen or cook up a storm at home with Quorn.

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