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16 Must-Try Meat-Free, Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore

In a food paradise like Singapore, it was once an uphill battle to adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet. Today, however, buoyed by a global trend, vegan, vegetarian and alternative-meat dishes can be found all over Singapore.

The appetite for vegan, vegetarian and alternative-meat dishes has changed so much that restaurants now find themselves having to cater to in-house diners and those looking for delivery options. No longer is meat-free food just a niche. Instead, this type of food has blossomed into a thriving industry thanks to a global move towards eating food that is not only healthier for you, but also for the environment.

In a food paradise like Singapore, it was once an uphill battle to adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet. Today, however, buoyed by a global trend, vegan, vegetarian and alternative-meat dishes can be found all over Singapore. How the local food scene has responded to vegan preferences

This change in trend lets local restaurants take their menus to the next level. By not relying on meat to bring flavour to a dish, restaurants can now experiment with different spices and vegetables in order to create wholesome meat-free meals, packed full of nutritional value.

If you’ve recently switched to a meat-free, vegan or vegetarian diet or you’re a seasoned vegan looking for new restaurants to try, we’ve compiled a list of 16 must-try meat-free, vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Singapore.

Restaurants offering meat-free dishes

Looking for restaurants with premium meat-free alternatives? Each option below features Quorn products as a protein choice in their versatile and delicious menus.

1. Ichiban Bento

Located at: Jurong Point, Jurong Point East, Causeway Point, Northpoint City, Waterway Point, Tampines, Serangoon, Alexandra Retail Centre

Ichiban Bento offers authentic Japanese flavours at their outlet kiosks around Singapore and have partnered with Quorn to re-invent your favourite Japanese dishes into meat-free wonders. Focused on quality food at great value, their range of meat-free dishes includes sides from $2 and main plates from $15. Be sure to look out for an Ichiban Bento location near you.

2. The Soup Spoon

Multiple locations

The Soup Spoon Group is a collective of brands that is committed to cooking with ingredients that are not only exceptional in flavour, but also natural and sustainable. As a core part of the group, The Soup Spoon restaurants offer delicious dishes for those looking for meat-free options that are both tasty and affordable.

Their current range of Quorn meat-free dishes are:

  • Buttery Tikka Masala
  • Sumo-Style Nabe
  • Budae Jjigae (Korean-Style Army Stew)

Use their restaurant finder to find a The Soup Spoon location here you.

3. The Rebel Gurl

Located at: 111 Somerset

The Rebel Gurl is a sandwich store, passionate about educating their customers on the value of good, wholesome food. This spacious cafe is loved by vegans, vegetarians, athletes, clean-meat lovers, those with food intolerances, and those just looking to lead a more healthy lifestyle.

With sandwiches starting at $7 and salads at $6, eating healthier without breaking the bank is easy, thanks to The Rebel Gurl.

On the fence about whether classic sandwiches can be epic when done meat-free? Try the Vegan H.A.L.T – made with Quorn spicy patties, avocado salsa, lettuce and tomato. Visit The Rebel Gurl next time you’re in the CBD and sample their delicious Quorn menu options!

4. Kipos

Located at: Raffles Place, Tanjong Pagar, Katong and Changi Business Park

Kipos is a healthy bowl shop offering a range of meat-free alternatives, vegetarian and vegan dishes. One of their most popular dishes is the Chicquorn Rice, a filling and tasty bowl made with Quorn instead of chicken and coated in a vegan chili sauce.

At Kipos, you can build your own small bowl for $8 or a regular bowl for $10. Or you can choose from their range of menu options that vary in price from $8 to $14. With a 4.7 star rating on Facebook from visitors, Kipos should definitely be added to your list of meat-free restaurants to visit.

Vegetarian and vegan restaurants

Strictly vegetarian or vegan? You’re in luck. The following restaurants specialise in these options, making dining out a treat for you and any like-minded friends or family members!

5. Soul ALife

Located at: Changi City Point

In the industrial estate of Changi is Soul ALife, which serves up all things plant-based from an extensive menu. Enjoy tofu scramble on toast, a substantial Buddha Bowl or a tasty quinoa salad - the list goes on. Finish with an acai bowl for a sweet yet healthy treat. Best of all, Soul ALife’s delicious mains and salads can be ordered online via the Makan Guru app, with a flat $ delivery fee.

6. Whole Earth

Located at: Tanjong Pagar

With its curious mix of Thai and Peranakan vegetarian dishes, Michelin Bib Gourmand winner Whole Earth is a must-try. Its recently refurbished interiors sport emerald green walls and plenty of seats for your friends, so round up a bunch of them and try dishes like Peranakan-style curry, Nonya curry and crispy handmade yam rings stuffed with capsicum, celery, cashew nuts and king abalone mushrooms.

For delivery, a minimum order of $50 is required, however, as this plant-based restaurant has long been regarded as having the most affordable and tasty vegetarian dishes, it’s well worth it.

7. Ananda Bhavan

Located at: Rochor

Ananda Bhavan, one of the city’s oldest Indian restaurants, serves up traditional Indian flatbread and mouth-watering vegetarian curries. It's grown from its humble beginnings into a favourite across Singapore. With dishes like their Onion Rava Masala Dosa (potato curry wrapped in a crispy shell of fermented pancake studded with onions) and Sweet Pongal (deliciously fragrant rice with cashews and golden raisins)... it’s easy to see why!

Thanks to home delivery options, it’s never been easier to enjoy great tasting, nutritional and affordable food from Ananda Bhavan.

8. Real Food

Located at: South Beach

For wholesome vegetarian and vegetable-centric fare, Real Food is a staple. It offers a good range of gluten free dishes and energising smoothies as well. The homemade dumplings are some of the best in Singapore, filled with organic ingredients like carrots, mushrooms, beancurd, turnip and chestnuts. You can enjoy the signature dumplings in soup, steamed or fried.

For the late risers, Real Food has started offering a great delivery option- all day breakfast! Choose from omelettes ($10.80) and granola ($8.80), cappuccinos ($6.50) and lattes ($8)

9. Komala Vilas

Located at: Serangoon Road, Buffalo Road

Komala Vilas might be a chain, but don’t let that fool you into thinking you can’t get an authentic and delicious feed there. Head to any of their branches on Buffalo or Serangoon Roads and enjoy hearty sets on metal trays. Our pick is the vegetable biryani set, which comes with chapati, papadum, saffron rice, vegetable curry, daal, raita and a whole range of pickles and sauces. It’s a bargain at just $7!

With a sensational blend of flavours and aromas, Komala Villas is also a top pick for online delivery, offered via FoodPanda, MyFood, Deliveroo and Grab Food.

10. Madras New Woodlands Restaurants

Located at: Upper Dickson

The VIP Thali meal at Madras New Woodlands Restaurant is served on a platter and is so filling that you’ll have no need for dinner. The chefs decide which Thali meals to prepare each day, making every visit a surprise. Katoris (mini metal pots) can be filled with mildly spicy gourd fry, lightly sauteed okra, dhal made from split pulses and lentil-based vegetable stew… you just never know what you’re going to get!

Offering takeaway and delivery options for their range of local delicacies, special rices, vegetables and bread (among other menu options), Madras’ cuisine is accessible to all. Main meals range from $9.50 to $12.00 where rice dishes vary between $4.80 and $6.90, making Madras a very affordable place to dine at.

11. Annalakshmi

Located at: Central Square

For all-you-can-eat vegetarian goodness, you can’t go past the Annalakshmi buffet. Completely volunteer run, it’s a spread of home-style cuisine with servings of poori, briyani, vegetable stew, potato palya, cauliflower curry and more. If you prefer to order off the menu, you can do that too thanks to the a la carte menu.

If you’re craving a curry, Annalakshmi offers a lunchtime delivery service that is sure to help get you through the day.

12. Afterglow by Anglow

Located at: Chinatown

Located on Keong Saik Road, Chinatown, Afterglow by Anglow is a trendy, sophisticated and seriously tasty place to be seen. It’s evolving menu of vegetarian, mostly-raw, plant-based food is clever and creative, and their raw cheesecakes are simply to die for. Wholesome, earthy and generous, you’ll be back time and time again.

Choose from Afterglow’s special takeaway menu and get a plant-based feast delivered right to your door. With appetisers ranging from $8 to $14, warm mains priced between $16 and $22 and desserts from $10, a full and happy belly is almost guaranteed.

13. Original Sin

Located at: Chip Bee Gardens

Original by name, original by nature - Original Sin has been serving upscale vegetarian middle eastern food in Singapore for over a decade. Featured in numerous guides for vegetarians living and travelling in Singapore, they are known for their high end and sumptuous creations.

Choose from traditional Meditterranean dishes like mezze platters with hummus, beetroot and walnut dip for $23, or Masala eggplant that’s been stuffed with lentils, ricotta and root vegetables for $30. For ultimate ease, you can opt for delivery at a $20 fee (but it’s free for all orders over $100).

14. The Boneless Kitchen

Located at: Tai Seng

When you think of Korean food, you might think of barbecued meats and crispy fried chicken. However, this meatless restaurant, The Boneless Kitchen, will help you to see that there’s much more to this cuisine. By sourcing ingredients from Korea, the authentic flavours on offer are umami-laden and memorable. Vegans should note, however, that eggs and dairy are used in the dishes.

Described as cooking up a meatless Korean storm, The Boneless Kitchen features classic dishes that tend to be finished with piled high mushrooms and tofu to ensure that vegans and vegetarians are getting enough protein. The average dish here costs around $12.

15. Elemen

Located at: Raffles Boulevard, Maritime Square, PLQ Mall, Kim Seng Promenade

For a special occasion, you can’t go past Elemen and its five-course ($26.80 per person) or eight-course ($32.80 per person) Chinese meat-free offering. Elemen is a dining concept of what it takes to be modern and natural in the realm of meatless cuisines. It’s brand motto “Love Self, Love Earth” underpins its focus on serving healthy and natural food without compromising the sustainability of the environment.

From the Rojak Fruit Salad to its Double-Boiled Maca Soup, everything is wholesome, nutritious and delicious. With no single dish on the menu costing more than $19, Elemen offers both a pleasant and affordable dining experience for those looking for vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Singapore.

16. Daehwa Vegetarian Restaurant

Located at: The Galaxy Building at Fusionopolis Place

The meatless revolution of Korean cuisine is here thanks to restaurants like Daehwa. The sister restaurant of The Boneless Kitchen, Daewha is all about encouraging Singaporeans to eat a plant-based diet with environmentally beneficial ingredients.

Using only the highest quality ingredients, each affordable main dish from Army Stew and Soondubu Jjigae to the standout large dumplings is made with love and generosity. If you’re looking for a vegetarian restaurant in Singapore that infuses their food with flavoursome ingredients and love, look no further than Daehwa Vegetarian Restaurant.

Staying vegan or vegetarian in Singapore

So now you know, there's more to vegan and vegetarian food than bland mountains of leafy greens. In fact, Quorn’s very own gallery of inspiring recipes is enough for you to say goodbye to the sad salads and plain veggies holding you back from embracing this lifestyle.

Whether you have dietary restrictions, you’re taking a conscious stand or just prefer to eat more greens and grains, these restaurants prove packing flavour and character into plant-based dishes is not only possible, but often better than the meat alternatives.

Thinking about getting creative in your home kitchen? Whip a wholesome, meat-free meal that is easy and doesn’t compromise on taste with Quorn. Choose from fillets, mince, nuggets and more at any of the following grocery stores: Fairprice, Cold Storage, RedMart, Panda Mart, Sheng Siong and Marketplace. Check out the full range of products on offer and for ideas on how you can introduce Quorn to liven up your go-to meals.

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