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How Meat-Free Products Can Suit Your Taste

In the modern world, it is more important than ever before to eat healthy and sustainable foods. Not just for our own personal health, but also for the health of the planet. However, choosing which meat-free or plant-based products to eat can seem like a challenge.

Instead of settling for second best, browse the Quorn range. Equal parts diverse and flavoursome, Quorn products are expertly crafted to deliver maximum results for your health and the environment.

This kind of variety means that there are a multitude of meat-free products available to suit your taste. Helping you elevate everyday meals into flavour sensations. All the while joining the push towards eating more meat-free and therefore, more sustainable, foods.

Why are people switching to meat-free?

With so many different food products on the market, it may seem hard to believe that people are opting to go meat-free one night a week, or even more permanently. However, there are a multitude of reasons behind why more individuals than ever before are going meat-free.

Reasons why individuals choose meat-free options include:

  • Helping the environment: the water footprint of Quorn mince is 10x lower than beef mince!
  • Future sustainability: meat-free options reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Cost effective: purchasing meat-free dishes or products generally costs less
  • Animal safety: going meat-free helps save animals from mistreatment
  • Health concerns: going meat-free means less of a risk of developing heart disease
  • Tasty alternative: mycoprotein makes going meat-free tastier than ever before.

Where to start?

When it comes to consuming meat, there are a lot of choices. From chicken and beef to lamb and pork, there is so much variety. To give meat-free and plant-based eating a sense of diversity, Quorn has also created a large range of meat-free products.

From fillets, fishless fingers and southern fried bites to crispy nuggets, swedish style balls and meat free mince, the options for culinary greatness are endless. The range of products even extends to burgers and sausage patties.

With all Quorn products powered by mycoprotein, taste and texture is ever present. Meaning that you could take a recipe like stir fry Singapore noodles and replace the meat with either Quorn’s mince or meat-free pieces and still experience a taste sensation.

While these options provide endless variety, the sheer amount of choices can feel overwhelming. The size of the product range may even mean that people new to a meat-free diet may find choosing the right substitute for a dish quite confusing.

To create winning dishes each time you step into the kitchen, ask yourself four key questions:

  1. What meat would you usually use?
  2. What meat-free options have you seen used before?
  3. What product makes the most sense to you?
  4. What flavours do you love?

By asking these questions, you will pick the right product for your dish. This is because, at the end of the day, each individual has their own idea of the perfect dish that is firmly based on the flavour profiles they enjoy.

Meat-Free recipes to try

When you’re in the kitchen preparing a meat-free meal, there are truly no limitations. Providing taste, texture and nutrition, Quorn’s meat-free products can be used as alternatives to meat in traditional family recipes.

They can be used as the centrepiece of a dish or they can be used in order to bring out the flavour in a homemade broth. Getting the most out of meat-free products comes down to letting your imagination run wild. Our products truly complement this kind of freedom.

If you’re new to meat-free products and looking for a place to start, try the following recipes for beginners:

Providing your body with Quorn goodness

Meat-free options were once a passing trend. However, with more meat-free products on the market than ever before, this trend has become a fully fledged movement. Sustainable and flavoursome, Quorn products really are the full package.

The extensive product range of Quorn means that it’s never been easier to put on an apron, step into the kitchen and create a winning dish. From tried and tested recipes to new, delicious experiences, every meal will be an adventure.

Best of all? You can dig into each meal knowing that you’re providing your body with great nutrients, tastes and textures that are also friendly to the environment. Be kind to your body and the planet and shop the Quorn product range today.

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