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A Fail-Safe Beginner’s Guide to Meat-Free Protein

If you’ve made the decision to move towards a meat-free diet, then congratulations! You’re doing your part to protect animals, protect the environment, and better your health and wellbeing.

If you’ve made the decision to move towards a meat-free diet, then congratulations! You’re doing your part to protect animals, protect the environment, and better your health and wellbeing.

When eating a vegetarian or vegan diet however, it can be tricky to ensure you’re getting enough of the nutrients you need, such as protein. Follow Quorn’s step-by-step guide to make sure you’re meeting your needs when it comes to vitamins, minerals, texture and delicious taste!

Step 1: Know how much protein you need

Making sure you’re getting enough protein starts with understanding how much you need in the first place. This will differ depending on your age, weight, height and exercise levels. A general method to follow is:

  • Weigh yourself in kilograms

  • If you’re in good health and are relatively sedentary, times your weight by 0.8 to see the grams of protein you should be eating each day.

  • If you’re under stress, pregnant, recovering from an illness, or if you are involved in consistent and intense weight or endurance training, times your weight by a ratio between 1.2 and 2.0 for more appropriate protein requirements.

Step 2: Do your research

There are many different meat-free protein alternatives out there, so it’s important to do your research and figure out what’s right for you. Some products will contain soy, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), gluten or additives and preservatives that may be harmful to you. Always be sure to read the pack and make sure you understand the ingredients of the meat-free alternative you’re purchasing.

Step 3: Map out your meals for the average week

When adopting a meat-free lifestyle, it helps to plan and prepare your meals in advance. After all, fail to prepare and you should prepare to fail! Create a meal plan at the beginning of this week and then spend a few hours whipping up your meals so they’re easy to grab and microwave when you’re ready. Be sure to watch your portion sizes (weighing items can help) and factor in your nutritional requirements based on the amount of exercise you’ll be doing.

Step 4: Know your meat-free dining options

Us Singaporeans love to eat out, whether it’s at restaurants or at hawkers stalls all over the city. If you regularly find yourself dining out more than you eat at home, then it’s important to know what your meat-free dining options are. There are plenty of amazing vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Singapore, and it’s just a case of finding your favourite spots and your favourite meat-free dishes - what a treat! Many restaurants will also be able to substitute meat with an alternative such as tofu, tempeh or extra veggies.

Step 5: Get a plan in place for your shopping

Whether you prefer to shop once a week and stock up on your groceries, or you’re more of a ‘head to the store every day after work’ kind of person, putting a plan in place for your shopping can help you to stay meat-free. Take a look at some meat-free recipes you’d like to try during the week and make a list on your phone of the ingredients you need. This will ensure you stick to buying just what you need, and don’t stray into buying any meat products that aren’t part of your shopping plan.

Step 6: Get familiar with your favourite brands and recipes

The best way to transition to a meat-free lifestyle is to make it fun! Here are some ways to get inspired with your meat-free dishes:

  • Get creative with your cooking by subscribing to meat-free sites or brands for notifications when new recipes are posted
  • Remember to bookmark any delicious recipes you come across that you’d like to try
  • Buy meat-free cookbooks
  • Talk with your friends and family about their ideas for meat-free cooking

Transition to meat-free with Quorn

Make your journey to a 100% meat-free diet easy with the convenience and taste of Quorn. Our products are convenient, easy to cook and available in various formats to suit every taste. Plus, our products are non-genetically modified, soy free and cholesterol free!

Take a look here to see where you can buy Quorn meat-free products in Singapore.

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