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There’s a variety of reasons why someone may choose to ‘go vegan’ but today it is related both to the quality of products available as well as value-driven lifestyle choices. For many, it’s an ethical effort, for others it’s to improve their diet or to support food intolerances, and for a lot of people it’s a combination of the sustainability benefits of adopting a nutritious plant-based eating plan such as reducing environmental impacts.

In Singapore, vegan food and meat-free meals are fast becoming a popular dining choice when eating out. In fact, PETA Asia has declared Singapore the second most vegan-friendly city in the region, with a range of vegan inclusive eateries and plant-based menus popping up all around the nation.

Since more and more Singaporeans are choosing to eat out rather than dine-in, it is now easier to enjoy a meat-free meal and know which foods can still be enjoyed when it comes to plant-based living.

‘Healthfulness and convenience’ in Singapore

In Singapore, eating out is no longer just an occasional treat. In fact, more Singaporeans eat out than dine-in at home. A recent study from the Nielsen Out-of-Home Dining Survey found that 55% of us are eating out on a weekly basis, with 1 in 4 dining out every day and 7 in 10 of those surveyed choosing to dine out for dinner. The survey found that casual dining outlets were the top choice for Singaporeans when it came to eating out for breakfast, lunch or dinner and was followed by quick-serve restaurants and cafes.

The reason why more Singaporeans are choosing to eat out rather than preparing meals at home is largely due to our busy lifestyles. Challenging working hours, mobile device proliferation, and a need to simplify our lives and eating habits are driving this change, with Singaporeans leading the global average when it comes to utilizing meal-kit and restaurant delivery services.

“Amid the myriad of solutions and offerings by brands and businesses, consumers are seeking for more “on-demand” services to cater to their time-starved lifestyle,” said Johan Vrancken, Managing Director, Nielsen Singapore. “Healthfulness and convenience are often the key determinant when it comes to meal planning, but the quality, taste and freshness remain critical.”

The rise of veganism in Singapore

Up until now, Singapore has been slow to embrace health conscious plant-based dining. It hasn’t been until recently that Singapore has finally begun to introduce egg-substitute products and plant-based pork meat to hotel kitchens and casual eateries. Since Singaporeans are becoming more health-conscious and environmentally aware, veganism and plant-based food products are following in suit; providing Singapore with quality products that are not only nutritious but ethically-driven, too.

There has always been a market for vegan dining in Singapore, but it hasn’t been a very big one. Yet, slowly but surely, more vegan options have popped onto the Asian dining scene. This mainstreaming of vegan eateries and food options means that there is now a plethora of vegan-friendly dining outlets and menu options, sparking a strong tradition of plant-based eating across the region. Such eateries don’t attract just vegans; even meat lovers are enjoying the variety too. Whether it’s to be more health-conscious or purely out of curiosity, non-vegans are flocking to vegan eateries and meat-free versions of their favourite meals.

Where to eat meat-free in Singapore

Singapore is full of vegan-friendly dining options and great tasting, healthy plant-based foods. From noodles to dumplings to burgers and sushi - and even dessert! - there’s something for all vegans or value-driven customers to enjoy.

With many restaurants such as the Soup Spoon and Ichiban Bento now combining meat-free options on their menus, you can embrace the plant-based trend and sample Quorn’s great products while you’re on the go!

We have compiled the best places to eat in our guide - 18 Must-Try Meat-Free, Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore.

These amazing restaurants prove that it’s possible to pack flavour and spice into plant-based dishes and international cuisines, and these dishes are just as tasty as traditional meals while being healthier for you.

Sustainable eating at home

Even though more people in Singapore are choosing to dine out, it’s now easier to delight in making a sustainable, meat-free meal at home. And you don’t have to settle for a salad or carb-loaded dish. With Quorn, you can create a simple, nutritious balanced dinner in next to no time at all without compromising on taste.

Make the move towards a more modern diet and learn how easy it is to cook delicious meat-free meals while getting all the nutrients you need. Check out the full range of products on offer and list of inspiring recipe collections for interesting ideas on how you can introduce Quorn to liven up your go-to meals.