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While Quorn products are meat-free and a great substitute for anyone who has adopted a plant-based diet, the taste and nutritional benefits of Quorn make it a fantastic alternative to meat for anyone. You might be curious to try Quorn as part of your usual diet, or you may even have made the switch to meat-free living. Whatever your circumstance, this guide can help you to choose the perfect Quorn products to suit your taste.

Why people give up meat

With PETA declaring Singapore as the second most vegan-friendly city in Asia, it’s apparent that a meat-free lifestyle is finding its place in the country. The idea of living consciously and ethically is a big reason why many make the switch to eating meat-free. Eating animals poses moral problems, including the violation of the animal’s interests and rights.

Other reasons why people may choose to give up meat is because of the health benefits it brings. In a recent article published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, findings from a 29-year long study suggested that those who consume meat develop more heart problems and live shorter lives than those who don’t eat meat. Statistics showed that people who have a plant-based diet or consumed little to no red meat products had an average of 18-25% lower risk of death than those who regularly eat meat. People who have existing heart conditions or who are conscious about their health may then decide to choose a diet free of meat.

What Quorn products should I try?

If you’re just starting your meat-free journey, the idea of consuming plant-based foods may seem intimidating. Thankfully, Quorn has made it easy for anyone to make the switch to meat-free eating with a range of products that look, feel and taste like meat, but are all completely plant-based. This is important for people switching to a vegetarian lifestyle, as it’s estimated that 84% of people who try a vegan or vegetarian diet go back to eating meat, as being accustomed to meat products makes it hard to give up completely.

There’s also the worry for some people that they won’t be getting enough protein from a plant-based diet. That’s why many people love using Quorn, as not only does it mimic the look, smell, texture and taste of meat, but it also provides a high amount of protein. These meat alternatives are a great way to ease into a plant-based lifestyle and are suitable for all tastes.

Many people may love chicken, prefer beef, or enjoy the taste of pork, and so while they want to live a more ethical life, the prospect of giving up these tastes and textures can seem daunting. Quorn products give consumers the opportunity to enjoy the tastes and textures they love but without the negative impact on the environment or at the expense of animals.

Delicious recipes to try using Quorn products

Quorn provides meat-free products and recipes for anyone, regardless of if they prefer the flavour of chicken, beef or pork. With a range of Quorn meal ideas to try, you can find a taste that suits you. From meat-free pork sausages to chicken fillets, you won’t even realise you’re eating a meat alternative.

If you’re still unsure what Quorn product will best suit your taste, try the following recipes:

Find your Quorn taste

Recreate all your favourite meat dishes using meat-free Quorn products, and find your favourite taste. Whether you prefer sausages or burgers, chicken nuggets or fish fillets, there’s a Quorn product that will fit in with your meat-free lifestyle while giving you the flavours you enjoy.