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Plant-Based Gains: Quorn's mycoprotein Diet for Bodybuilding

If you’re an athlete or simply someone who’s looking to gain muscle, you probably know that in order to get that sculpted body you desire, you need protein.

If you’re an athlete or simply someone who’s looking to gain muscle, you probably know that in order to get that sculpted body you desire, you need protein. Protein fuels muscle growth and can be found predominantly in red meat, poultry, or fish products. So what if you’re vegetarian or have chosen to adopt a meat-free diet? Quorn's mycoprotein may be your answer. This protein-packed super food gives your body the fuel it needs to grow muscle while maintaining your overall health.

Myth: You can’t bodybuild with plant-based food

Some people think you can’t gain muscle or bodybuild while consuming a plant-based diet and that the only way you can gain muscles is by eating meat. But this isn’t true! As vegetarianism and veganism continue to become more popular within society, there has been an influx in fitness-related diet products specifically catered for plant-based diets. And while gaining muscle on a plant-based diet requires a little bit more planning and meal prep, when done right, you can make some serious gains as a vegetarian or vegan.

A recent study by the University of Exeter also shows that for the more fitness-minded, Quorn protein builds muscle twice faster than milk protein. So for those training and working on muscle maintenance, Quorn's mycoprotein is a healthy alternative option to animal-derived products.

Still not convinced? Who better to draw inspiration from than Arnold Schwarzenegger! The former bodybuilding champion has been advocating for bodybuilders to go vegetarian to reduce their impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Muscular stars such as Brad Pitt and boxing legend Mike Tyson also promote a vegetarian diet.

Going meat-free doesn’t mean you’re going to have a harder time gaining muscle. The only difficulty vegetarians or vegans face is that plant-based proteins generally aren’t as dense as meat-based products. This simply means you have to dedicate more time to mastering your macros and getting a bit more crafty with your sources of protein.

How Quorn's mycoprotein can help you gain muscle

Because plant-based proteins have a lower bioavailability than animal-based proteins, vegetarians or vegans need to choose their source of plant-based protein wisely. While eating 100 grams of chicken gives you around 54g of protein, eating a plant-based protein such as tofu only provides 8g of protein per 100g serve. For vegetarians, you can work around this by consuming vegetarian protein shakes or incorporating protein-rich meat substitutes like eggs into your diet.

However, for anyone who isn’t getting enough protein from their plant-based diet, Quorn's mycoprotein may be the answer. Easy, nutritious, and suitable for everyone regardless of their diet, Quorn's mycoprotein is a protein-rich food source found in Quorn products. Studies support the effectiveness of Quorn's mycoprotein for bodybuilding, with the University of Exeter in the UK discovering that it helps to stimulate post-exercise muscle building more effectively than milk protein. Results from the study showed that while those who ingested milk protein increased their muscle building rates by up to 60 per cent, those who consumed Quorn's mycoprotein increased their muscle growth rates by more than double this, proving that Quorn's mycoprotein is a highly effective source of protein for bodybuilding.

Quorn nutrition expert Matt Lovell recommends that anyone wanting to gain muscle should try Quorn Meat Free Mince since it’s high in protein and low in both saturated fat and calories. Eaten after training, a meal containing Quorn products helps to restore glycogen levels in the body, making you stronger and leaner for the next time you train.

Bodybuilding is more efficient with a Quorn's mycoprotein diet

One of the biggest benefits Quorn's mycoprotein has for bodybuilders (aside from its high protein content) is that it’s completely free from cholesterol, unlike meat-based proteins. Studies have also shown that Quorn's mycoprotein helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels to support heart health. Quorn's mycoprotein is also low in fat and saturates and doesn’t contain any trans fats, contributing to the health benefits it provides. For this reason, Quorn's mycoprotein is more effective for bodybuilding because it delivers protein without the negative impact on your heart and cardiovascular health.

Start your Quorn's mycoprotein diet for more muscle

Beginning a Quorn's mycoprotein diet for bodybuilding is as easy as switching to Quorn food products! Protein-packed, healthy, and delicious, Quorn gives you endless meal ideas and recipes to try to help support your muscle growth. Simply browse our recipes for inspiration and start preparing meals for any time of the day. Our Quorn meals can be cooked from frozen too, which is perfect for active people who need a quick, high-protein meal to eat before or after a workout.

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