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Grab a Slice of a Sustainable Future: Canadian Pizza Joins Quorn in a Tasty New Partnership

Canadian Pizza have teamed up with Quorn in a conscious effort to provide the community with more sustainable eating and living choices.

Canadian Pizza entered the Asian market in 1995, with its first outlet established in Singapore. Since then, the pizza chain has grown rapidly and has become a household name with its ‘2 for the price of 1’ pizzas.

Teamed-up with Quorn, Canadian Pizza is embarking on a planet conscious mission to deliver fresh meat-alternative options to its mainstream consumers.

How did the collaboration come to be?

Mohamed Abdullah, CEO of Hobbs Holdings and franchise owner, explains that as a brand committed to sustainable food choices, Canadian Pizza aims to further extend their offerings to the growing movement of consumers looking for tasty, sustainable meat-free food options in Singapore.

“We didn't want to only be associated with 1 meat-free ingredient partner. We wanted to be seen as using different branded products so our customers could have a variety of meat free pizzas. For example, not many Malays in Singapore may resonate with the idea of a luncheon-flavoured pizza as ‘luncheon’ is a word usually associated with pork. This was the reason we felt Quorn’s meatballs would be an excellent pillar for a Masak Merah pizza and we were right.”

A slice of sustainable goodness. The innovative meatless Masak Merah pizza is just the first of many exciting meat-free dishes to come to the pizza chain.

“Quorn is more supportive of working with us on many other exciting collaborative business partnerships which we will be rolling out in the coming months.”

Since its inception, Canadian Pizza has been on the forefront of new and exciting food offerings. From their secret spice ingredient that gives all their pizzas that unique spicy flavour, the franchise continues to use market feedback to further cater to its growing consumer-base.

“We’re excited to have launched Singapore’s first home-delivery meatless & Halal Omni Rendang pizza and our Meatless Lover pizza. These pizzas use Green Monday’s Omni products.”

In short, Canadian Pizza will cater to all consumers, offering the standard commoditised pizza range as well as the best and widest meatless range of pizzas in Singapore.

How do Quorn and Canadian Pizza actively commit to a meat-less future?

By adhering to Quorn’s Choose Good movement. There is an ongoing, active commitment to healthy meat-free alternatives for people and the planet. That’s Quorn’s premise. For over 30 years, Quorn has been delivering sustainable nutrition for the health of human beings and the health of the planet that sustains us.

Quorn is committed to a sustainable way of eating and living through:

  • Using science to support sustainability in all products
  • Demonstrating an ongoing commitment to tackling climate change with an aim to be a Net Positive company by 2030
  • Eliminating non-recyclable and single use plastics
  • Reducing emissions by using fewer resources and moving to renewable energy

Quorn’s sustainable meat-free products have allowed like-minded brands such as Canadian Pizza to give a wider platform to sustainable foods.

Canadian Pizza have actively committed to sustainable nutrition and choices by:

  • Reducing printed flyer use by 50% in favour of digital media marketing, with aims to go completely digital within the next 2 years
  • Catering to the sustainable movement by offering meat-free pizzas and menu items

“We have many ideas to become a more sustainable brand”,

“We’re hoping that by coming up with meat-free pizzas that address the sustainable movement, we’re slowly seen as a brand that is trying to take baby steps towards being more responsible as a brand, even though it may take some time before we actually get there”.

Canadian Pizza’s Meat-Free Meals

This exciting partnership has set taste buds flying with the introduction of the Meatless Masak Merah Pizza. This meat-free creation contains Quorn’s signature plant-based protein and is quickly joining popular toppings such as Beef Pepperoni, Singapura Special and Hawaiian as a crowd favourite.

“We’re all buzzing over the recent Meatless Masak Merah though and want to do more to get it out there more”.

Creations like the Meatless Masak Merah have opened a whole world of flavour possibilities and tasty meat-free options to come. Canadian Pizza is currently in discussion with Quorn, drawing up delicious and sustainably nutritious food ideas with a mix of local and international flavours.

In the next 10-20 years, Canadian Pizza wishes to incorporate key ingredients being used in the Singaporean food scene; including meat protein alternatives, something Quorn has mastered in its use of Quorn's mycoprotein.

Canadian Pizza has recognised the importance of health-conscious foods, and the role they play in Singapore’s future. They believe that it is important to adapt, and to give people the best options when it comes to fresh, nutritious food.

Singapore's "30 by 30" goal of producing 30 percent of the country's food needs by 2030 is top of mind for locally-based food tech companies. Current food shortages and food security concerns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have also created a sense of urgency to embrace alternative proteins.

“We wish to introduce more meat-free foods into our offering to drive the sustainable agenda further with our partners’ support”.

Thanks to Quorn and its commitment to innovative meat-free products, Canadian Pizza are on track in becoming the #1 home delivery pizza brand with the tastiest and widest range of meat alternative dishes.

An appetite for progress

As the dynamics of food security and consumer-demands shift, we see a driving growth towards an alternative protein market in Singapore and beyond. The collaborative and eco-conscious partnership between Quorn and Canadian Pizza serves as an important union. For one, it will further cater to the already ethically aware consumer-market but, importantly, it will also reach those who are either on the fence or thinking about turning to plant-based options for their own health and that of the planet.

Does good, tastes good. Quorn understands that people are more likely to explore an alternative diet if the food they put forward is as delicious as it is nutritious. Incorporating Mycoprotein and plant-based ingredients in popular Canadian Pizza dishes is one way to serve up a tantalizing invitation to all, and to introduce the benefits of sustainable nutrition to the global market.

For food that both tastes good and does good, explore the delicious and sustainable range of Quorn products as well as Canadian Pizza’s new meatless pizza range.

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