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Best Diet Tips to Get an Energy Boost When Losing Weight

If you’re beginning your weight loss journey or want a way to boost your fitness results, a low-calorie diet may help. Weight loss occurs when you’re in a calorie deficit (you’re burning more calories than you’re consuming).

If you’re beginning your weight loss journey or want a way to boost your fitness results, a low-calorie diet may help. Weight loss occurs when you’re in a calorie deficit (you’re burning more calories than you’re consuming). While you’re in a low-calorie deficit, your body is using existing fat stores for energy; speeding up the weight loss process. One of the easiest ways to achieve this steady-state weight loss is by following a low-calorie diet which focuses on more protein-rich foods to help you to feel full for longer. One of the biggest concerns people have when it comes to a low-calorie diet is how they will maintain it for the long-term and how they will have the energy to balance their fitness and lifestyle demands. Find out how by consuming the right foods you can maintain a low-calorie diet and still have the boost of energy to get everything done.

1. Never skip breakfast

Starting your day with a decent breakfast sets you up with the energy boost you need to get everything done. A high energy breakfast is essential to give you that get-up and go and to keep blood sugar levels even, which helps keep hunger pangs at bay and reduces the urge to snack on calorie-laden foods. Carbohydrates are an easily digestible source of energy, so a good healthy breakfast might be a semi boiled egg, toast with Kaya, and coffee.

2. Know which foods to eat

Losing or maintaining weight is all about eating foods that are lower in calories and higher in nutrients, and full of fibre. But in order to keep your energy levels up, you want to choose low-calorie foods that will keep you full and satiated. The great news is there’s plenty of low-calorie power boosting foods and snacks! These foods tend to be high in protein and fibre, helping you to stave off the hunger pangs and resist temptation. These foods include:

Boiled eggs: A single boiled egg contains only 78 calories and is high in protein, meaning it will leave you feeling full and satisfied. ● Wholemeal bread, noodles or pasta: Filling wholemeal bread, noodles and pasta is a nutrient and fibre rich alternative to white bread and also leaves you feeling more satiated. ● Oats: Low in calories and high in protein and fibre to keep you full. ● Greek yoghurt: A great low-calorie snack which curbs cravings and promotes weight loss. ● Fruit: High in water content (to keep you feeling full), antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. ● Nuts and seeds: Easily digestible protein and fibre. ● Fish: Rich in protein and heart-healthy fats. ● Lean meat: Reduces hunger and curbs appetite between meals. ● Meat-free protein alternatives: Products like Quorn® contain mycoprotein - a very high-protein, high-fibre ingredient to maintain satiety.

3. Eat healthy fats at dinner time

If you are wanting to lose weight, you should avoid eating a large meal late at night. To boost your body’s metabolism and energy levels, you should aim to have a light and healthy dinner with foods that contain healthy fats. These include avocado, salmon, oils, nuts and seeds. This will ensure that you are kept feeling full until you wake up in the morning and prevent midnight snacking! A lighter yet tummy-filling meal at dinnertime will give your body the resources it needs to repair and replenish overnight and to boost fat-burning while you sleep.

4. Choose low-calorie meal alternatives

Products like Quorn are catering to those who desire a low-calorie or meat free alternative to meat products. Meat is a high calorie and dense food product which can take you over your daily calorie count. Quorn products are derived from mycoprotein, which is a low-calorie high-protein ingredient proven to be a sustainable, nutritious and calorie-sensible option that will give you that protein and energy you need while keeping your calorie intake low. In fact, 100g of mycoprotein contains just 85 calories and 11g of protein. It is an ideal food product to incorporate into your low-calorie regime as part of a healthy, well-rounded diet.

Try a low-calorie power-boosting meal plan

It is possible to maintain a low-calorie diet while still having the energy and vitality to keep on top of your fitness and demands of daily life. Quorn products provide you with a quick, easy and healthy meat free meal choice that can be added to salads, stews or even eaten alone as a low-calorie snack. Check out our products and try our recipe ideas to help support you on your journey to a healthier state of being.

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