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9 Environmentally Friendly Dining Options in Singapore

Singapore is leading the way in Asia as a progressively eco-friendly and health conscious nation. Singapore ranks highly in terms of sustainable living and sustainable dining, with a collective emphasis on conscious consumption, waste management and sustainability. Environmentally friendly dining options are found everywhere in Singapore, with the recent explosion of healthy eating options adapting a low to zero-waste concept and a wholesome, sustainable menu.

Singaporeans are more environmentally-conscious

Singapore has fast become the leader among Asian countries for eco-friendliness. The Environmental Performance Index, developed by Yale University and the United Nations, ranked Singapore 14th globally and first in Asia for its environmental sustainability practices.

This commitment to environmentalism is largely thanks to former Prime Minister Lee Juan Yew’s commitment and dedication to green initiatives and the dream of Singapore one day becoming known as City in the Garden. Because of his initiative, Singapore is now catapulting to a position of being a world leader in environmental sustainability.

From green city developments to energy reduction schemes and sustainable dining options, there’s no doubt Singaporeans are becoming increasingly environmentally-conscious and concerned about their individual impact on the earth and its resources.

Environmentally friendly dining options

If you’re an advocate for sustainable living and health-conscious choices, you will already be aware that what we consume can make a big difference in terms of environmental impact. Food waste and unethical sourcing and farming of produce can have detrimental effects on the earth. You can help to make a difference by switching to sustainable foods and eco-friendly dining establishments who serve locally grown produce for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


Foreword Coffee

For a morning cup of coffee with a difference, head to the environmentally-friendly Foreword Coffee. The cafe serves all drinks straw-free, but for those who do request straws, they offer paper straws as a more eco-friendly option. The cafe also gives a 10% off discount to customers who bring their own cup. They also sell metal stainless steel and rose gold straws in store and online.

Mother Dough

For artisanal bread and delicious pastries, Mother Dough is your place to go. The quaint bakery handcrafts all their breads and pastries using organic flour sourced from environmentally conscious grain millers.

Wild Honey

Wild Honey’s all-day breakfast options and sustainable practices make this cafe the perfect environmentally friendly cafe. From smoked salmon to Canadian buttermilk pancakes, there’s a range of delicious breakfast options along with drinks served in glass cups and paper straws to lessen waste.


The Soup Spoon

With a wide range of delicious international soups to enjoy dining in, The Soup Spoon also has take home soups which are made using an eco-friendly process. Their philosophy is to provide convenient and nutritious meals without preservatives. Using advanced food technology means you can enjoy ready made meals with a longer shelf life (which means less food waste).

Little Farms

Along with an ethical grocer & supermarket, Little Farms also boasts on-the-go selection of organic and sustainable produce. From dairy-free ice cream, gluten-free sandwiches, and fresh organic fruits & vegetables, this lunchtime stop is the right place for the environmental and health conscious.

The Lokal

This restaurant & bar serves all the popular lunchtime menu options including fish & chips and steak. It also has a strict ‘no plastic’ policy, and will only give out straws if asked - biodegradable plant-based ones with the words “#IAMNOTPLASTIC”. If you bring your own reusable cup you will also get $1 off your drink.

Poison Ivy Bistro

In the Singaporean countryside of Kranji, this environmentally-conscious bistro houses ‘Bollywood Veggies’, an organic farm with its own on-site eatery serving up locally-grown organic eats including curries, platters and cakes. This farm-to-plate philosophy gets rid of chemicals, pesticides, and GMO foods and provides people with a healthier, safer and more sustainable food option.


Ichiban Bento

You can now be healthy and environmentally conscious while still enjoying your favourite Japanese food. Choose one of the new four new meat-free Quorn interpretations on the menu at Ichiban Bento like the Meat-Free Tsukune Bento. From fillets to nuggets to meatballs, Quorn products mean you’re consuming less water and land use than raising certain livestock, and the end product is rich in protein. Sustainable living in Singapore is easier than you think!


With food crafted from earth’s natural ingredients, Saute creates food that not only tastes good but is wholesome. With a menu packed with variety, including hotpot, pasta and pizza, burgers, salads, and rice dishes, all dishes are meat free and there are vegan options available. If you’re looking for green dining which is exciting, creative and provides a positive dining experience, then you should try Saute.

Rumah Rasa

This Halal-Indonesian restaurant centres its traditional Indonesian menu around sustainable dining. Every dish uses spices and herbs from its own edible garden, including kaffir lime, pandan leaves, and chillies. Rumah Rasa is the first Indonesian restaurant in Singapore to adopt this farm-to-plate concept.


For seafood lovers who are conscious of their food source, head to JAAN for an ethical dinner and dining option. The restaurant uses sustainably-sourced fish such as rainbow trout, seabass, and grouper. It also uses a farm-to-table approach with a joint garden producing organic herbs.

Make a sustainable food choice

Eating clean and practicing sustainable dining can start today. Quorn food products makes it easy for health and environmentally-conscious customers to prepare and eat tasty meals that won’t impact the planet. The farm to fork philosophy includes naturally-sourced produce and recyclable packaging, reducing waste and protecting our vital resources.