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5 Nutritious Meat-Free Christmas Treats for Kids

At the Christmas lunch or dinner table, it’s often the kids who are known to cause the most fuss. Creativity is key when it comes to making healthy food choices appealing to children.

At the Christmas lunch or dinner table, it’s often the kids who are known to cause the most fuss. Creativity is key when it comes to making healthy food choices appealing to children.

Kids enjoy eating with their eyes and despite the fact that some may be keenly interested in sugary or salty foods, colourful foods are often a preference. Dishes with fresh fruits, vegetables or nuts can be a simple way to make sure both kids and adults are happy with your Christmas spread.

Kid-Friendly Christmas Treats

When thinking about typical kid-friendly Christmas treats, some obvious recipes come to mind. Candy canes, star-shaped Christmas cookies and coconut covered chocolate Christmas balls.

What do they have in common? They are all sweet and not nutrient dense. On the other hand, it sets the tone for what’s expected from Christmas treats - snacks that are festive, fun and enjoyable to eat.

When choosing recipes or turning old favourites into meat-free options, pick 1-2 easy Christmas themes and symbols to make your dish special. Kids love colour and crunch so a vegan kids’ menu should centre around this to truly get kids excited and willing to eat.

5 Vegan Kid-Friendly Substitutions in Holiday Meals

If you’re looking to create vegan friendly holiday treats to impress fussy eaters, check out these 5 kid-friendly vegan treat ideas for kids

Vegetable Christmas Tree

Nothing makes raw veggies more snack-worthy than fun shapes and clever arrangements. This recipe for vegetable christmas trees calls for capscium, snow peas and cheddar cheese. Substitute the cheese for cooked Quorn vegan fillets to make it vegan and turn this into a well-rounded dish.

Banana and Strawberry Candy Canes

Kids love candy canes and this simple recipe doesn't disappoint. It’s filling and makes a great hands on activity for parents and kids. Pick a fun platter or board for arranging your chopped bananas and strawberries. Your kids will love the idea of eating a hand-made fruity candy cane!

Reindeer ‘Poop’

Looking for a cheeky kid-friendly treat that’s tasty? Look no further than this recipe for reindeer ‘poop’. With a mix of dates, cocoa powder and oats, this is a winning recipe that ticks all the boxes for nutrition and kid-friendliness.

Vegan Chocolate Pudding Pie

Vegan chocolate pudding pie creates the perfect after Christmas dinner treat for kids (and adults too)! Using some tried and tested vegan ingredients such as pecans, tofu and cacao powder and almond milk, this recipe creates a delightful and light pie to share.

Cauliflower with Vegan Fillets

A staple among devoted plant-based cooks, a whole roasted cauliflower makes a great table decoration and dish. It’s tasty and carved at the table- something that will provide kids with great theatre!

To make it palatable for kids, you can choose to leave out the hot spices. If you have older kids or adults who love chilli, you can opt for a spicy dressing or sauce on the side. For a great well rounded meal, cook and serve with Quorn vegan fillets, cut on diagonals on the edge of the cauliflower.

Celebrate Christmas with Quorn

So now you’re ready and excited about vegan kid-friendly christmas ideas. Whether you’re looking to break from tradition or simply placing more of an emphasis on tasty and nutritious dishes, there’s plenty to inspire your very own vegan Christmas menu.

Celebrating Christmas with vegan meals and meat substitutes is as simple as finding your favourite Quorn ingredients from your local stores. Plan your recipes and choose from our range of mince, fillets and more.

Now, from our Quorn family to your friends and family, we would like to wish you a happy and healthy holiday season that is packed full of great tasting and nutritious treats.

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